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The history of Megafilm Service Ltd.

In the last ten years Megafilm Ltd. made the most number of films in Hungary. Megafilm is delighted to offer its exceptional experience gathered during this period and its outstanding connections, to foreign productions, who would like to shoot in Hungary. To achieve its new goal Megafilm founded Megafilm Service Ltd. which is ready to meet the complex needs of international film productions which plan to shoot in Hungary or Eastern-Europe providing full service or co-production activity, starting from location and technical support, through organizing the casting till post- production. Megafilm Service Ltd. is ready to be a supportive partner to any production (feature films, documentaries, promotional films, commercial films) since it has outstanding connections and links in Hungary, Eastern-Europe and Greece to provide helpful assistance in location management, technical support, casting and post-production.

The work of Megafilm Service Ltd. is supervised by Gabor Kalomista producer and owner of the Megafilm Ltd.( He did many Hungarian feature films, documentaries and TV films since 1997. He has very good connection to the Motion Picture Public Foundation in Budapest. He is the President of the Hungarian Producers Association.

In Hungary we have a very good tax incentives (this is around 20-25% from the qualifying production spend in Hungary through the Megafilm Sevice Ltd).

Contact: Megafilm Service Ltd.

Tel: +36-1-365-1750

H-1116 Budapest,
Mesterházi u. 10.

Please find the Megafilm Service Profile here.

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